The awards ceremony for Upward Basketball was held this past Tuesday night. Bodybuilders with “Team Impact” were the guest speakers. Let me tell you – THESE DUDES ARE STRONG!!

This guy’s name is Trey Talley. He broke a baseball bat, ripped a Little Rock phone book in half, rolled up a frying pan and bent a steel bar with his teeth, yes, his TEETH!!! It was amazing! He then gave his testimony which was extremely uplifting. Afterwards, some of the Upward leaders drew names for prizes and Connor won an autographed baseball bat!! (Just what we need now that Connor’s chosen to play soccer!)

Here’s Connor with Trey Talley. Apparently Team Impact are the guests at a revival scheduled for that church next week. Connor is wanting to go back and see all of them in action! My little 6 ½ year old is wanting huge muscles now! I told him he’d have to lift A LOT of weights!!