The first Saturday of every month year round from 11 until 3, the coolest place is open. It is located just off Arkansas Highway 25 between Quitman and Guy. It’s called Riddle’s Elephant & Wildlife Santuary. Here’s their website:

Yesterday, Connor, Mom and I visited the Sanctuary and saw numerous elephants and other animals, including a yak!!

Below is Toby, an African male

This is baby Maximus, an African male.

And, this is Hank, an Asian male.

I have many more pictures of the various elephants, but I won’t bore you!!

I strongly encourage everyone to visit Riddle’s. It was an amazing experience and all the workers there are extremely knowledgable about the animals and their individual histories. Connor, Mom and I had a ball once we got there (after an out-of-the way “scenic route”. It’s only supposed to be about 45 minutes from where I live, but ended up being an hour and a half due to the fact that I missed my turn!!)