Let me say, the St. Louis zoo is AWESOME!! I’d never been before this weekend. I flew up there to spend the weekend with my boyfriend and his family (which, by the way, was the first time I’ve been on a plane since January 2002!!). We went to the zoo after having breakfast. We spent more than 3 hours there! Here are some pictures…

The new Penguin exhibit was the coolest thing and yes it was cool in temperature, too. The animals were so close that if you wanted to get kicked out of the zoo, you could touch them!

The chimpanzee exhibit was great, too! Some of them actually knew sign language and could communicate with the zoo keepers.

Here’s my favorite kind of animal… the giraffes!

The butterfly house was pretty neat, too. There were plastic cards with a picture of each butterfly species in the facility. I saw about 4 different kinds.

Rob & I also had the opportunity to go to a Cardinals game on Saturday night. We had pretty great seats. Just inside the right field foul line. The LA Angels hit a homerun that landed about 4 rows behind us!

The Cards lost, but they won on Sunday!!

Go Cards!

The plane ride home was not nearly as fun as the trip up there. There was some “weather” in Little Rock that made for a bumpy trip and I got on the plane a little later than the other passengers, so I had to sit in the middle. That didn’t help my queasiness!!!

It was a great trip!