Connor lost his 2nd tooth over the weekend. Apparently his dad pulled it out with a pair of tweezers!! Connor said it didn’t hurt! It’s amazing to me how resilient kids are! I remember being scared to death to lose a tooth. I would let it be loose for so long that it would fall out when I bit into a banana!!
You can barely see his permanent tooth coming in the first slot. They always look giant next to the baby teeth. It’s coming in kindof crooked and awkward! Hopefully they’ll straighten. I’m already scared of braces! I had them in 4th, 5th and 6th grade when no one else did! I got made fun of!!! But, when it came time for Senior Pictures, everyone else had braces, but not me! I had straight in our yearbook!
I always thought the top two teeth came out first. Not so with Connor. Although, we’ve always done things a little differently!
Anyone have any loose tooth horror stories?