Yes, I know I’m not the only one praying for rain. It is incredibly dry outside right now… our grass is brown and the hydrangeas are wilting. They certainly are in dire need of God’s refreshment.

I would also like for it to rain so that I won’t have to play 2 softball games in this sweltering heat. I’m way too old to be playing softball in the first place, but in near 100 degree weather?!?!? And with a heart problem?!?!? Am I insane?!?!?! Apparently so. I signed on for this, I need to finish. We have 2 games tonight and then 3 (yes 3!!!! back-to-back) next Tuesday and then we’re done (I hope). We’ve only won one game and it was a forfeit by the other team after too many of their players left during a rain storm. They were up 12 to 0, but we won by forfeit! We’ll take it any way we can get it. We’ve also been mercy ruled at least 3 times, it’s embarrassing!

Maybe tonight will be different… maybe.

I used to play in middle school and junior high and I’d like to think I was pretty good, but, you have to remember, that was eons ago. I’m much, much older and much, much slower these days.

I keep pulling up the weather radar for our area and trying to coax the green and red blotches a little further east. I can’t tell if it’s working. The first game starts at 6:30… there’s still time for it to change direction… right?

Anyway… the earth’s vegetation and I would really like some rain… and maybe some cooler temperatures… and maybe a little more sleep (I’m dozing as I type). Maybe a nap will improve my softball abilities. At this point, I’ll try anything!

Happy Blogging!