We’ve finally found and purchased a rain barrel. We got it at Tractor Supply and put it in this afternoon. It did require cutting the gutter spout in half, but the saved rain water will be worth it on those dry summer days. Of course, we put it in after probably the last rain storm of the season!So far, so good. We tested it with the water hose and it’s working. We’ll see if it will be useful in saving city water when watering the plants and shrubs. I’m not sure how much water pressure it will have, probably not very much since there’s just the spicket. I’m also not sure how I feel about the cinder blocks. I’m not really a cinder block kind of girl, but Rob thought it would allow for easier access to the spout. I may have to paint them brown or green or something. Any suggestions?

It’s all in an effort to re-use our natural resources!

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