till “Project Kitchen” commences!! Our countertops have arrived! We’re making plans to start “demo” (a.k.a. removal of old black countertops) next Friday night. We’re going to make a party of it, too! I’ve got some friends helping and they’re estimating the entire project should take no more than the weekend to complete. I will post photos as we go along. I’m so excited! I’ve wanted to re-do this kitchen since the day we moved in! We’ve purchased pretty much everything, down to the kitchen sink… hahahaha! Faucet, too. I’m ready to go! I even started cleaning off the counters tonight in preparation. A little too early, I know… but I’m so anxious. It’s surprising how much dust can collect behind and under unused cookbooks! Maybe this new kitchen will inspire me to cook more. In preparation, send me you favorite recipes! I started a “Fell Favorite Foods” binder shortly after Rob and I got married and I would love to add some new dishes.

This post will be short and sweet… computer battery is about to die on me!

Until next time…
Happy Blogging!!