…got underway yesterday afternoon! Here is another “before” picture. Yes, it’s a little messy and cluttered, but I was in the process of going through some stuff to minimize the “junk” on the new counter tops.
Here’s the old sink! It’s super heavy.
It didn’t take them long at all to pull up the old counter tops. They were held in place with screws. The hardest part was the back splash. It was glued on apparently. I didn’t participate much in this. I was constantly running to the hardware store for forgotten supplies!!
The picture below was the end of today. All that’s left is grouting the backsplash (will be done tomorrow afternoon), the pendant light (will be done at a later date) and decorating! My mom’s going to come over and help me with that, thank goodness! I tend to put too much “stuff” out on the counter top. I mean, really???, how many decorative bowls does one person need?

(No, the oven is NOT pink. Just realized I haven’t taken the plastic off the front!)
It already looks brighter in there, doesn’t it? Especially compared to the “before” with the black counter tops and sink. I can’t wait until it is completely finished. By the way… the old stove, sink and counter tops will be donated to the Habitat for Humanity Store in here in town!

Until next time…
Happy Blogging!