Just got home from my first bike ride of the summer. Unfortunately… it was 97 degrees outside!!!! I immediately regretted it, but pushed forward for my husband’s sake. I lasted about 37 minutes (how pathetic!!) and just over 2 miles.

The day started off with a trip to BIKE CITY. I needed a new seat. My bike is not that old and I haven’t ridden it very much, but I always had a problem with the seat. I got this ONE from Cloud 9. It’s big, but super comfy!! The salesman said it usually takes about two weeks to break in a seat. He said to ride the bike at least 6 miles each of those two weeks and then I could ride long distances in comfort. But, I gotta tell you… this novice cyclist won’t be riding any amounts of “long distance” any time soon!! At least not until the temperature goes down to the 70’s!!!

Until next time…
Happy Blogging!