This really isn’t an ODE per se… more of a tribute to my favorite coffee shop – The Underground.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the shop had been closed and I was hoping it was just being remodeled, but as I found out over the weekend, that’s not the case 🙁 For whatever reason, this fine establishment was shut down completely a few weeks ago.
I was there when it opened several years ago. Rob and I were working for the radio station at the time and we did an interview with the owners. The new coffee shop was touted as the largest one in the state. The building itself was the site of an old mercantile business dating back many, many years. Even some of the original wood was used in the remodeling and up until recently the old ramp for horse and buggies was there.

The original staff was wonderful! They even helped me create my signature coffee beverage the “Susie-Q”, which consisted of expresso, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, crushed ice and a healthy dose of whip cream (similar to a Double Chocolate Chip Frappe from Starbucks). It was YUMMY!! More recently, I’d taken to the Melting Pot – Irish Creme, Caramel and chocolate (with EXTRA chocolate) – hot in cooler temps and over ice in warm weather.

(Photo courtesy

Their food was fantastic, too. I especially loved their ginormous salads. You could choose from a list of fresh ingredients and they’d make your salad right in front of you. And their cheese dip was to DIE FOR!!

Below is one of my favorite pictures from our wedding. Notice what’s in the background…

Just in case you missed it…

No, we didn’t stop by there after we left the church, but would have loved it if we did!

I’m told the building will be on the market in a couple weeks… PLEASE, whoever buys it – keep it The Underground Coffeehouse!! My taste buds would greatly appreciate it!

Until next time…

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