From Wikipedia – “[Bull Terriers] are known for their large, egg-shaped head, small triangular eyes and “jaunty gait”. Their temperament has been described as generally fun-loving, active and clownish.”
So, so very true! I’ve even heard to them referred to as 3 year olds in dog suits! Having been a bull terrier owner for the past two years, I must say I really am fond of this breed. They are sweet and fiesty and love to be with their people!
Here are a few bull terriers from history:
This a picture from the 1970 movie “Patton”. Yes, General George Patton had a bull terrier. His name was Willie, after William the Conqueror. The dog shown in the picture is actually Abraxas Aaran, who played Willie in the film.
Here’s another famous canine – Spuds MacKenzie, The Original Party Animal and the “star” of Bud Light beer commercials in the late 80’s. An interesting bit of trivia… the original “Spuds” was actually a female bull terrier named “Honey Tree Evil Eye”.
This fine bully specimen is Rufus, the most decorated bull terrier in the history of the breed. He’s won Best in Show in too many contests to count! He even has his own Facebook page!
This is probably a familiar face… it’s Bullseye, the Target dog. He is actually a miniature bull terrier. Isn’t he PRECIOUS??
This adorable puppy belongs to my in-laws. His name is Jackson… this was him 2 years ago. Here he is now…
Much larger, huh? He’s HUGE and super sweet!
And last, but not least… here’s our baby girl!
This is Macy. She is the sweetest dog I’ve ever owned. We adopted her in 2009 from a breeder/wonderful lady in Olive Branch, Mississippi. Rob lovingly refers to her as our Mississippi Hound! She was barely a year old and very timid when we got her. Now, at 3, she’s still very shy and a “scaredy-cat” at times, but we love her dearly! She loves going for walks, playing, taking naps and “accessorizing”, commonly known as stealing shoes, hats, gloves and other accessories! She is our constant companion… we take her on hikes and geocaching around Arkansas. She certainly draws a lot of attention when we travel. Macy is a little unusual in that she’s almost completely brindle. Normally brindle bullies have a significant amount of white on their face. The dominant bull terrier color is solid white with one or two black spots.
We love our Macy girl, she’s definitely one of a kind!
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!