“Only fools say in their hearts “There is no God”.” Psalm 14:1
I absolutely love Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs… especially in the springtime.
Their tulips are AMAZING!

And so are their hydrangeas…

More tulips…

Still more tulips… I like tulips… can’t you tell?
We haven’t been to Garvan Woodland Gardens in a couple years, because its something we do as a family with my parents. Since Daddy’s been sick, he hasn’t felt like going. I hope to go back next spring and get some more tulip pictures.

This was taken in my front yard the very first spring we lived here. The daisy returns every year, but the pansies haven’t for some reason. I probably should plant some more, but I don’t have a green thumb. The woman who lived here before us apparently loved to garden… we have things popping up that even my mother doesn’t know the name of!
I wish I could keep everything as beautiful as she did!

Until next time…
Happy Blogging!