Today we loaded up the van and headed to Washington, D.C. I’ve been once before, but I was in 6th grade, so I don’t remember much. Here’s a really terrible iphone shot of the Washington Monument. We didn’t go on the Mall due to lots of construction work and super hot temperatures. Maybe next year! We did see the backside of the Lincoln Memorial, the Capital and the White House from the car.
We did do indoor stuff… like the Smithsonian. Here are a couple pictures from the Museum of American History…

These are the shoes Judy Garland wore in “Wizard of Oz”. Again, terrible iphone picture. I was going to bring my Canon, but didn’t want to take up suitcase space. I’ve learned my lesson and will make sure I pack it no matter what next time.

While I was snapping this shot, a teenager with a field trip group said “Why is THAT history?” Duh… it’s DUMBO!!
Good grief…

Next, we went to the Museum of Natural History. Connor really wanted to go here. He loves the “Night at the Museum” movies. He asked me several times if he could spend the night here to see what happens!

For more on these museums… click HERE.

The grand finale… the Hope Diamond!!
I told Rob he could get me this for Christmas…
Here’s a better picture, taken directly from the website. Mine above just doesn’t do it justice!
The setting on the left is the way I remember it from 20+ years ago… the one on the right is the way it looks today. Still GORGEOUS!!!
Tomorrow is going to be pretty lazy… church, lunch, maybe some shopping and that’s it. Connor and I will probably spend the rest of the afternoon getting packed up and ready to head back to Arkansas. We have a super early flight on Monday morning.
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!