… a suburb of Oklahoma City actually…
(“Piggy”, as in born and bred Razorback fan!)
and… the Fells are moving the middle of NEXT MONTH!! YIKES!!
My husband and I have known for quite a few months that this was going to happen, we just weren’t sure when or where until yesterday morning. You see… our parent company sold all of its assets here in Arkansas, except for our branch… therefore, we have to relocate or leave the company.
Our parent company is so big and covers such a large expanse of North America that we could have been transferred anywhere from New York State to Southwest Texas to North Dakota. So… being relocated to central Oklahoma is definitely a blessing! (Keep in mind… this country girl has NEVER lived outside of Arkansas and never more than 2 hours from my parents.)
By the way… if you didn’t already know… I’m the Queen of Lists… a trait I inherited from my mother. I have a spiral notebook to jot down notes on what kind of house we want, schools in the new town, doctors, vets, salons, fitness centers, churches, and, of course, coffee shops and the location of the nearest Wal-Mart. I tend to be very thorough, too, even printing out maps and brochures and taping them in the book. Thankfully, it’s pretty big and can hold a lot of information.
We made contact today with a very nice realtor in the area, thanks to a great friend of mine who lives there. We are heading out there this weekend to meet up with her and tour some homes. Meanwhile, our home here is currently on the market as of this afternoon.
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!