We are almost settled.  There are a handful of boxes left to unpack and the spare bedroom is not completely put together, yet, but it’s really starting to feel like home.  We’ve finally hung the curtains in the living room and all the pictures are on the walls.  We’ve found a bookcase for the office and this beautiful vintage red cabinet for the kitchen.
My very first ever purchase off Craig’s List!  The only pieces of furniture left are a small table for the foyer and a chair with an ottoman for the master bedroom.  Those will have to wait, though.  We really need for our house back in Arkansas to sell first. 
The weather has been absolutely beautiful here today.  We took Macy to Lake Stanley Draper to go for a hike.  I love taking her somewhere where she can run free!  She’s such a sweet dog!  
Rob’s watching the St. Louis Cardinals play in the first game of the play-offs against the Phillies.  I cheered the Hogs on to a victory earlier against Texas A&M.  That was a nail-biter of a game!  I’m proud to call myself a Razorback!
We’re planning to head to Bricktown tonight to eat at a restaurant that Rob enjoyed back in college in Tulsa.  It’s called Zios.  It’s Italian, so I’m sure I’ll love it!  
Until next time… 
Happy Blogging!