Yes, Oklahoma is my “home” now and my home will always be where my husband and son are… but, HOME is still to me where I grew up and spent the majority of my life.
So, part of my family will be traveling to Hog Country for Thanksgiving.  
However, this year all the MAJOR holidays are going to be a little different and a little separate.

As of right now & subject to change, Rob will not be traveling with us this year, because he needs to spend some long overdue time with his family.  Plus, Macy had a little “issue” with the felines last time she was at my parents’ house and wound up staying with her friends at Liles Doggie Spa and Resort (also known as the local vet)!  So, she’s going with Rob.  We’ll miss them both terribly!  And we’ll miss going to see his family.  We always have such a good time there!

Connor and I are going to Arkansas for Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, Connor won’t be staying with us the whole time… one of the many consequences and downfalls of divorce, but he’ll get to spend a little bit of time with MeMe and PaPa on the family farm that I like to call Coferville. We’ll be having a “mini-Thanksgiving” before we take him to meet up with his dad.

Connor loves Thanksgiving at my parents.  My mother does it up right… all the usual Thanksgiving goodies.  She even polishes the good silver, pulls out the good china and decorates the dining room table for the festivities.  Connor always looks forward to eating in the dining room.  We only dine in the formal dining room on special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and birthdays.  Mom may even break down and remove the towels from the chairs this year since Connor is old enough not to spill anything.  Although, he’s pretty accident prone like I am, so she should probably leave them.

 For this year’s “Mini-Feast”, Mom is baking a turkey (hopefully she’ll remember to unthaw it this year), sweet potato casserole with marshmallows, green bean casserole, crescent dinner rolls and macaroni and cheese.  There’s usually a Hershey Bar Pie involved, along with the traditional Pecan Pie. 

Yummy!  That makes my stomach growl!!

After Connor leaves to spend Thanksgiving with his dad, we’re going to my Aunt’s and Uncle’s for a Holiday Smorgasbord!  You never know what you’re going to eat during this annual event!  Or what style of food.  I remember one year we had a very delicious cream cheese salsa.  A couple years we’ve had hashbrown casserole, which I LOVE!!  There’s usually homemade rolls like my grandmother used to make.  And it’s guaranteed there will be lots of laughter and fun.  

Then, of course, there is the Battle for the Boot on Friday.  This big-time rivalry between the Arkansas Razorbacks and the LSU Tigers takes place in Loser-ana, oh, wait, I mean Louisiana, this year.  Sorry. 

LSU is currently undefeated and ranked number one (not for long, though).  We have lost one game (to 2ndranked Alabama) and currently sit in the number 3 spot. 

I’m not sure who created the above graphic, therefore, I’m not sure who to credit, but I thought it was great, so I’m using it. 

Last year, the Hogs beat up on the Tigers at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock.  It will be interesting to see how it all plays out this Friday in Loser-ana (oops, there I go again… Louisiana.  I must remember that!). I actually had the pleasure of attending one of these games a couple years ago, thanks to my boss. Unfortunately, the tickets he gave me were smack-dab in the middle of the LSU section!  It was still so much fun!  The atmosphere in Little Rock is unbelievable.

The stadium is completely round. Spectators can sit all the way around the field, including the end zones.  When the fans call the Hogs, it’s so loud, I’m sure it can be heard from miles around.  And the surrounding golf course is always packed with tailgaters!

This year, though, I’ll be enjoying the Razorback game at home with part of my family!! 

Happy Thanksgiving and WPS everyone!


Until next time…
Happy Blogging!