I became addicted yesterday… 
addicted to Pinterest.  
It’s on online “pinboard” used to organize and share things.  You can “Pin” pictures and videos from anywhere on the web and see what others are “pinning”.   It’s great for ideas when you’re remodeling your home, planning a party/wedding or needing cute gift ideas or even a new hair style.  You have to be invited by a friend, or request an invite through the site itself.  I requested through the site and never got a response, so I asked a friend to invite me.  Took about 2 seconds and I was “pinning”. 

Click HERE to start pinning yourself!

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to purchase me a gift (hint, hint, tomorrow’s the dreaded b-day)… here are a couple of great choices.  
Because of my last name (Fell), I’m absolutely in love with the popular phrase “Because two people fell in love.”  Anytime I see something with that printed on it, I either wish I could purchase it, or I just flat out purchase it.  I’ve even had a couple things made with the saying, making sure that the word “FELL” is capitalized and emphasized.

Enter Pinterest…

I’ve found such cute stuff on Pinterest.  Here are a couple things with my phrase:

Source: etsy.com via Susan on Pinterest

I really like how the pictures are incorporated with this.

I’ve wanted to do something similar to this.  In our house back in Arkansas, I had vinyl letters made and put on the wall in our living room.  See…

If I could have peeled this off without damaging it and brought it to Oklahoma with me, I would have.  I have a perfect place for it in my office.  
I also love our initial “F”.  I’m always looking for a neat, artistic way to display it.  I found several cute ideas on Pinterest:

Source: etsy.comvia Susan on Pinterest

I’m actually currently working on a project to replicate this, but with an “F” of course.  
Here’s another idea by the same designer…

Source: etsy.comvia Susan on Pinterest

I like the idea of using an antique picture frame and scraps of fabric.
 Here’s a unique way to incorporate both my favorite phrase and our initial.

Source: etsy.comvia Susan on Pinterest

I’m not sure exactly how that would work with an “F”, but I’m sure it’s possible.

The next one is actually on burlap with the initials painted on it.  Super cool and very rustic looking.

I also really like the way the wooden ledge/mantle and hooks are used.

Here’s another example of framed letters…

I’m sure I’ll have more blog posts concerning Pinterest.  I’m still trying to figure it out.  You can find recipes, gift ideas, clothes, hair styles, artwork, home décor suggestions, really anything out there!  Check it out!  If you need an invite… just let me know!

Until next time…
Happy Blogging!