With modern technology (email, Facebook, etc.), the art of hand writing a Thank You note has kind of gone the way of the dark ages.  Not for me, though.  Growing up, my mother insisted that I write a Thank You for EVERY gift I received, no matter the size or the occasion… I guess it stuck.
For those less versed in the proper etiquette for writing a Thank You note, I pinned this “Pin” on Pinterest just for you!

I can’t remember the last time I actually purchased a box of Thank You notes…  I enjoy making my own!  Last year, I created an assortment of greeting cards using pictures I had taken and gave them as Christmas gifts.  I just love the idea of using photography in different ways.  Here are some examples of those cards…

I also like to play around with the free templates on AVERY

You can create numerous different kinds of cards, from greeting cards to post cards to business cards.  I’ve used this site often for various things.  I made these versatile note cards the other day using a monogram I created HERE

Basically, I create my card online (or in Microsoft Word), and then print it out on card stock or some other kind of thick, substantial paper.  It prints two side by side.  I cut it in half, fold it, jot a note and mail it in an invitation sized envelope.

I purchased these at Staples, but you can also get them at Wal-Mart or any other office supply store.  It’s a homemade, personal idea for a hand-written Thank You note!

If you’d like a set of my homemade cards, let me know!
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!