Not only is today the last work day of the year, it’s also known as “No Interruptions Day”.  According to the website, “No Interruptions Daycapitalizes on no interruptions to encourage some productivity by getting people to ignore chatty co-workers, turn off their inboxes, unplug their phones and get some work done.” says to “minimize distractions at work by letting calls go to voice mail, taking breaks from your email and turning your phone on vibrate, ignoring the constant stream of texts.  Finish your work projects, cross that last item off your to do list and leave the office with a sense of accomplishment.”  What a way to end 2011, don’t you think!

Here are some tips for handling the interruptions of co-workers:

* Put an end to the interruption of a chatty co-worker by standing up and walking away from your desk.

* Pick up the phone and start dialing if a group of co-workers has decided to hover around your office.

* Stay social at break and lunch times to minimize social visits to your office.

You can also heed this advice at home, on a Saturday… says “you should keep the radio and TV off and sit down with your friends and family, or even just [by] yourself and focus on your life and goals for the future.” The site even suggests pulling out the board games and having a fun night at home with your family.

That sounds like a good plan for this holiday weekend! 

Happy New Year everyone!

Until next time…
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