I’m a huge fan of football, especially college football and my beloved Arkansas Razorbacks, who, by the way are the 2012 Cotton Bowl Champions!  Woo Pig Souie!!!
I usually don’t care for the NFL.  I really am not a fan of professional sports at all because of all the money and hype involved.  However, I’ve come to really respect and enjoy watching Tim Tebow with the Denver Broncos, especially after the following segment from a sports show that my former pastor “shared” on Facebook the other morning.  The first couple minutes really got me and made me realize that we need to not be afraid to praise God no matter who’s watching or listening, even if it’s the nation. Take a look…

Did you hear him?!?  All the way through the segment he’s either thanking God, singing praise hymns, praying or encouraging his teammates.  They beat Pittsburgh in overtime this past Sunday (sorry Rob) to make it to the NFL Playoffs and could be going to the Super Bowl. 

And then, there’s this…

It thrills me to no end that he does this… I don’t like, however, that the action has now been dubbed “tebowing”.  To me it’s bowing a knee in prayer.  Wikipedia even has an entry on “tebowing”.  It reads “Tebowing” is a neologism derived from Tebow’s propensity for kneeling and praying. The origin of the phrase is credited to fan Jared Kleinstein, who posted a picture with friends on Facebook, in which they mimic a pose by Tebow that was caught on camera following the Broncos’ improbable overtime victory over the Dolphins on October 23, 2011. The popularity of the picture led Kleinstein to set up a website showing pictures submitted by people depicting various interpretations of “Tebowing” all over the world.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of offended by that.  I’m fine with “planking” which is pretty popular right now, but “tebowing”? Come on… find something more amusing to make fun of. 

The Broncos face the top-seeded New England Patriots this Saturday night in a divisional playoff game.  
Go Broncos!

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