This weekend was a little on the chilly side, but otherwise a great one for spending time outdoors.  We decided to take a road trip and headed west about an hour to a small town called Hinton, OK.  Here is what we found…
The Oklahoma travel website calls the Red Rock Canyon an outdoor adventurer’s dream!!  I must say that I agree.

There are several things to do at Red Rock Canyon, camping, fishing, swimming, rappelling and our favorite… hiking.  There are two leisurely nature trails and one main hiking trail.  We took the hiking trail of course.  Along this trail we could see wagon wheel ruts left by settlers traveling west to California many, many years ago.

See the wagon trail?
The highest point of the canyon wall is 80 feet.  That’s the best spot for rappellers to begin their descent down the face of the rock. 

Apparently the fall foliage is amazing here from mid-October through the first part of November, so we’ll have to come back around that time next year.  However, I thought the scenery was incredible on this wintery day in January.

For more information on Red Rock Canyon State Park, click HERE. Or, just hop in your vehicle and take I-40 West from Oklahoma City to Exit 101, then head south on Highway 281 for 5 miles through Hinton to the park!
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!