Today is another one of those crazy holidays that we just might celebrate if we were aware of their existence.  I especially like this one…
“Get a Different Name Day”

According to Holiday Insights, the holiday was created for those who are not fond of the name given to them at birth.  I was one of those.  I thought the name Susan was old-fashioned and hideous.  I wanted to change my name to Jessica in the 4th grade!  For some reason I thought I looked more like a Jessica. 

“At birth, we are given a first name, a middle name and a last name.  It wasn’t our choosing.  Rather, our parents bestowed it upon us.”

If you’re happy with your name, that’s fantastic!  If not, then today is your day!  Take advantage of this opportunity and change your name!  Just make sure those around you are aware of it!

Did you know that “Get a Different Name Day” is copyrighted? It’s actually a Wellcat Holiday.  Click HERE for more information. 

In the mean time…

Happy “Get a Different Name Day”

Hugs – Jessica J

Until next time…
Happy Blogging!