…to Arcadia, OK.
Arcadia is located 15 miles Northeast of Oklahoma City along Historic Route 66, “The Mother Road”.  From our homestead just west of OKC, it took us about 45 minutes to get there.  The word “Arcadia” means “land of peace & tranquility”.
The first stop on our agenda…
lunch here…
This is POPS!  Here you can fill up on fuel, food & soda.  This one-of-a-kind futuristic building was designed by nationally known architect Rand Elliot.  The giant pop bottle out front stands 66 feet tall & weighs more than 4 tons!
Here’s what the place looks like at night… I’ve heard it would be right at home on the strip in Las Vegas.
The establishment boasts of offering nearly 600 kinds of soda, including 65+ varieties of root bear alone! Connor was in carbonation heaven!  Me, not so much since I don’t drink sodas of any kind.  A Dr. Pepper drinking calamity from my youth is to blame.  That’s a story for another day!
The food at POPS was fantastic and the atmosphere was so fun!
Can you see all the soda bottles in the windows?  They’re on both sides of the building!
We didn’t leave POPS without stopping in the gift shop and picking up a magnet to add to my ever-growing collection (we’re going to need a bigger refrigerator!).  Isn’t it super cool?
Click HERE to go to POPS’ website.
Next on our sightseeing adventure… 
The Round Barn
This structure was originally built in 1898.  It was designed with the thought that being round would help it to withstand Oklahoma’s tornadic conditions.  It must have worked… the barn has been in this spot for nearly 115 years!  
The building was restored in 1988 when the roof collapsed after years of neglect.  Here’s a picture from inside looking up to the roof.  Isn’t it gorgeous??
The barn is 60 feet in diameter, 45 feet tall and is actually 2 stories.  The second floor, called “The Loft”, is used for parties and other gatherings.

There was a gift shop here, too.
Look what I purchased…
…yup… another magnet!
For more on The Round Barn… click HERE.
All in all, the day was wonderful & the weather was perfect!  We plan to visit more sites along Historic Route 66 in the near future!
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!