I waited until the last minute to write this post… and I debated putting it off…  you know why?
It’s “National Procrastination Week”!!
According to Webster’s Dictionary, “procrastinate” means “to put off intentionally and habitually”.  
I googled this “holiday” and came up with the following…
~National Procrastination Week is always celebrated the 2nd week of March
~The “holiday” was created to promote the many benefits of putting off until tomorrow everything that needn’t be done today
~There’s even a “Procrastinators Club of America”!
A website called LifeHack (click HERE) offers “11 Practical Ways to Stop Procrastination”…
the tips range from setting goals to bringing in someone else to hold you accountable.  Very interesting information.  
I’d like to end this blog post with something cleaver… I’ll think of it later.
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!