In response to losing an hour of sleep this weekend due to Daylight Savings Time… somebody came up with “National Workplace Napping Day”.

This “holiday” occurs annually, the Monday after Daylight Savings Time begins. It was created by Boston University Professor William Anthony & his wife Camille, who are experts in napping and Presidents of The Napping Company.  They write books on napping, give napping workshops and even offer napping gear (whatever that is). 
Based on information gathered from thousands of nappers and would-be-nappers, the Anthony’s have identified the following eight significant advantages of napping:

1. Napping improves mood – makes you feel better
2. Napping improves performance – makes you more productive
3. Napping is no cost – no expensive clothes or equipment needed
4. Napping is no sweat – no shower needed
5. Napping is self-prescribed – no doctor’s orders needed
6. Napping is non-fattening – you cannot eat while napping
7. Napping is a non-invasive procedure – no one does anything to you

8. Napping has no dangerous side effects – unless you are driving  


The Anthony’s have written two books, The Art of Napping and The Art of Napping at Work, explaining their findings about the value of a nap. Both are available on Amazon.

If you need me… I’ll be under my desk taking a nap!

Until next time…
Happy Blogging!