It’s March 20th… 
the first official Day of Spring. 
Do you know what else today is?

“National Snowman Burning Day”!

That’s a little scary!

According to the party planning website, “today is the nationwide festival to mark the end of winter and welcome springtime.  This holiday is modeled after Germany’s Rose Sunday Festival where the mayor of each town burns a straw snowman if the children of the town were well behaved that year.”

If it’s based on children’s behavior, I’m not necessarily sure if we could do this at our house.  (Just kidding, Connor’s a great kid and for the most part pretty well-behaved!) 

“Some believe that the rising smoke from the fire is supposed to ward off blizzards and usher in spring-like weather.”

I don’t think we need to do this here in Oklahoma since we really haven’t had any kind of winter this year, except for one Monday with a micro-meter of snow.

“The first Snowman Burning Day was celebrated in 1971 at Lake Superior State University.  This tradition has continued to take place year after year at the university with students, faculty, staff, retirees, and townspeople who all attend and participate.”

Happy National Snowman Burning Day! 

Bring on Spring! 
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!