Yesterday was such an incredibly busy day!  From The Great Easter Egg Hunt at Discovery Church in the morning, to Connor’s soccer game in Choctaw in the afternoon… which, by the way, they won!  I can’t remember the final score, but it was many goals to zero goals… Go Warriors!
The day ended with a very long afternoon at Full Circle Bookstore in Oklahoma City where my very favorite blogger/photographer/cook/cook show host/author was signing her newest cookbook.  
Her name is Ree Drummond, also known as 
Here is the cookbook…
The event started at 1:00, but because of Connor’s soccer game, we didn’t get there until after 3.  I figured most people would be gone by then… boy was I wrong!!!!!  I didn’t even consider the thousands of people that would show up to meet Ree.  We were given a number when we purchased the book… lucky 13.  That was our group number.  I asked what number they were currently on… 4… and how many people were in each group?  Around 50!!!!  Oh my gosh, this was going to be a very long day!!  
Connor got bored VERY quickly.
Here he is perusing the book, picking out some recipes to try… his favorite was the homemade glazed donuts. 
 This is what he decided to do next… 
…can you see him?  Notice the blue hat hanging over the ledge on the second floor?  By the time we left, he knew that building inside and out!
Finally… after many hours… we were within sight of the fabulous Pioneer Woman!
 I know it’s blurry… but here we are with Ree Drummond!
 And… here’s her fantastic autograph!
It was well worth the 5 hour wait, in my opinion… (not in Connor’s of course)
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!