Rob, the 2 dogs (yes, there are 2 now.  I’ll introduce our new addition in a future post) and myself traveled to St. Louis to visit Rob’s family for the weekend.  During the 10 hour journey, we were listening to a country station on satellite radio.  I’m not a big country fan… I usually listen to Christian music, so this was Rob’s choice.  A catchy song came on with an amazing female lead singer.  She had a clear, strong voice that neither of us had ever heard before.  The display on the radio said “Edens Edge”, so I immediately pulled out my phone to see what I could find out about them. 

You’ll never guess what I learned…

They’re from ARKANSAS… around the Russellville area to be exact and they were on a promotional tour that would be stopping at the outlet mall not 15 minutes from our house in just a few days!

I dragged Rob to the concert last night… and we had the best time!

The group is made up of lead singer Hannah Blaylock (middle) from Nimrod, Arkansas.  Cherrill Green (left) plays the mandolin, banjo and guitar and sings harmonies.  She is from right outside Magazine, Arkansas.  Finally, Dean Berner (right), from Russellville, Arkansas sings harmonies and plays guitar and dobro.

Between songs, they were chatting it up with the audience, like performers do on stage, and Hannah asked if anyone in the crowd was from Arkansas.  I started hootin’ and hollern’ in my Razorback t-shirt, stopping short of calling the Hogs.  I sooooo wanted to though!

It was totally acoustic, the only instruments were a guitar and a mandolin.  Following the short, 45 minute show, the trio signed autographs and took pictures.

We didn’t hang around for that… we’re too cool… just kidding!

You really should check them out… their debut album just came on yesterday.  I purchased it this morning ($6.99 on iTunes) and I love every song on it!  Especially “Swingin’ Door” and “Amen”.

Here’s a Grand Ole Opry performance of “Amen”.

Here’s a link to their site:  The band also has a facebook page (of course, who doesn’t these days).

Looks like the next stop on their current tour is Dallas tonight at the Center and Houston tomorrow night at the Woodlands Pavilion.  If you’re in the area, you should really go see them!

Tonight, we’re headed to our first ever Red Hawks baseball game down in Bricktown!  Should be loads of fun!

Have a great Friday!

Until next time…
Happy Blogging!