…take me out to the park!  

Take me to Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark to be exact! 

Last night Rob and I ventured downtown to OKC’s Bricktown Entertainment District for a baseball game between the Oklahoma City RedHawks and the New Orleans Zephyrs.
What’s a Zephyr, you may ask?  According to Dictionary.com, a “zephyr” is a gentle, mild breeze.  I found that extremely hilarious for some reason!
It was super hot, even at 7:00.  Sunglasses were definitely a priority! We enjoyed hotdogs, chips and drinks and even scored this super cool souvenir ball cap!

Isn’t he cute?

The RedHawks are a minor league, Triple-A affiliate of the Houston Astros.  The team was originally known as the Oklahoma City 89ers from 1962 – 1997 when the team played in a stadium at the state fairgrounds.  The scouts were numerous at last night’s game.  The one sitting next to us was with the Washington Nationals.  Here is one that was sitting in front of us with his speed radar measuring the pitcher’s fast balls.

Here are some random pictures from our night of baseball!

Last night’s game was a nail-biter with the RedHawks losing to the Zephyrs 10 to 8.

Until next time…
Happy Blogging!