Please allow me to introduce to you the newest member of our little family…
Meet Rossi!
He is a 2 ½ year old full blooded bull terrier and is ALL puppy (still)!  He’s a little thing, just a smidge too tall to be classified as a mini.  He’s actually a rescue. 

I subscribe to alerts from an area Bull Terrier Rescue organization.  He popped up in my email one Thursday night about 4 weeks ago during a NBA Finals game between the OKC Thunder and the Miami Heat.  Rob and I fell in love with him immediately and decided to bring him home. 

We traveled to Tulsa that Saturday with Macy to see how the two canines would act towards each other.  They were immediate friends, so we brought him home with the intention of just fostering him for the summer instead of actually adopting him.  But, seeing as we haven’t heard from his owner in about 2 weeks, I bet its safe to say that we have, in fact, adopted him.

He is technically Connor’s dog.  Connor has never really been fond of Macy.  She’s very shy and timid and quite scared of him.  He has always said that he wanted a dog that would play with him.  Rossi will definitely play with him!

Connor is away visiting his dad for the summer, so he hasn’t even met Rossi, yet.  He’s only seen pictures and videos, but he already loves him and continuously begs Rob not to “bond” with him!  Rossi currently sleeps in a crate in Connor’s room, anxiously awaiting his return in a couple weeks.

Rossi is pretty quirky.  He has this thing with water, especially when it comes out of a hose or a mister.  Below is a video I took at our neighbor’s house one Sunday night.  

He barked and cried like a seal until the water was turned off!  We also discovered that particular night that Rossi is absolutely terrified of fireworks!  Which was not a good thing since 4th of July was recently…
We never thought we’d be a “two-dog family”, but we couldn’t pass up this sweet pup in need of rescue!
Until next time…

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