…Razorback style!
We moved into this house nearly a year ago and I’ve finally started to decorate the kitchen!  
It took me quite a while to decide what I wanted to do, but then the answer seemed so obvious!  
I may now live in Oklahoma, but I’ll ALWAYS be an Arkansan and therefore a forever Razorback!
Here’s what part of my kitchen looks like now…
  Now… here’s what you’ll need to make the Hogs sign on the cabinet over the microwave…
 I purchased the wooden letters from Hobby Lobby.  I went several times and apparently “G”s are EXTREMELY popular!
 I also purchased scrapbook paper in various patterns, but keeping the color scheme the same. 
 First, I traced the wooden letter onto the scrapbook paper, then took a pair of scissors to cut it out.  Be sure and use the reverse of the letter on the back-side of the paper. 
 I then used some mod podge glue to adhere the paper to the letter.  After the glue was completely dry (about 24 hours later), I painted another thin coat over the top to seal the paper.
 Still waiting on a “G”!
Turns out, the Hobby Lobby closest to me had an issue when they ordered the letter.  The manager called two other stores and finally found one in a nearby part of OKC.
I was so relieved to see this…
Now… all my letters are complete!
 Next, Rob roughed up some L-brackets with a metal file and I Gorilla Glued them to the back of the wooden letters.  Since Gorilla Glue adheres with pressure, I used a brick (we couldn’t find our clamps). 
 We let those dry for about a day, then we were ready for the final step!
Rob cut a piece of 2×4 and drilled each letter into place…
And here’s the final product!
I was super pleased at how it turned out and it looks at home sitting on top of my cabinets!
Now, I just need a couple more Razorback items and my kitchen will be complete!
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!