…to the Oklahoma City Zoo!
Today is the last day of my vacation and what better way to spend it then $1 admission day at the OKC Zoo!  
The morning started off a little late.  My pre-teen had a tough time getting out of bed.  Then Maggie, my GPS (yes, my trusty GPS has a name) decided it didn’t want to leave the house, even though the car did. I couldn’t get it to give me directions anywhere!  We actually won Maggie in a drawing 3 years ago, so I guess we’ve gotten our money’s worth out of her! LOL! She’s gotten us quite a few places over the years, from Nashville, to Virginia, to San Antonio… now I’m literally lost without her!  Any suggestions on a new one?
I kind of remembered how to get to the zoo, so it ended up being okay.
Here are some pictures from the day…

The rhino exhibits were closed for repairs, so the big pachyderms were inside for the day… thankfully, their house was open to visitors.  They really were not liking being enclosed in these cages!
Below was one of the cutest things I’d ever seen!
It’s a pygmy hippopotamus! 

He was so tiny!
Here’s Connor with the lorikeets.  They are such friendly birds… especially if you have a little cup of nector for them! 
One of the very coolest things was a peacock!  Not your traditional, colorful one, but a solid white one!  I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it!

 Tomorrow it’s back to reality… and the 100+ emails that I’ve missed over this short, 3 day vacation!
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!