…well, not really…

…but I have been cooking more, and our crock pot has become my new best friend! 

Here are a couple recipes we’ve tried recently on the Fell Frontier.

Source: bosssanders.com via Susan on Pinterest
This one is very similar to a dish I’ve been making for years. 

You put all the ingredients, except the pasta, into the crock pot and let it cook away! 

It was pretty good, but I like my version better.

Yesterday, I made this…

This was super easy… I just threw all the vegetables, meat and sauce mixes into the crock pot with a little water the night before and let it cook all day. 

It was very delicious, even though Hubs doesn’t really like Ranch dressing. 

Connor really enjoyed this one, too.

I’ve got a couple recipes picked out for future meals.

Here is a link to a fantastic looking chicken enchilada dish that I have on the menu for next week…

…although it’s not made in the crock pot, it still seems simple to make and doesn’t it look just amazing?  I’m a sucker for chicken enchiladas!

And here’s a fantastic sounding chili recipe for the crock pot!

I’m not usually a big fan of chili, especially since most have some form of bean mixed in. 

I hate beans.  Not just kidney or refried… ALL forms of beans, even green beans. 

I don’t like peas, either.  Just thought you should know.

The recipe above also has beans in the list of ingredients… I just plan to leave them out. 

Since the weather is finally getting colder around here, I thought a nice bowl of chili sounded good and this recipe looks like it will fit the bill! 

I’ll let you know how it goes with the family…

What are your favorite crock pot meals?

Until next time…
Happy Blogging!