…we’re ready!

During springtime (really year-round) Oklahoma sees more than its fair share of tornadoes.  According to reports, Oklahoma ranks second in the country for the number of tornadoes in a given year.

We knew that when we moved here, but we hesitated getting a storm shelter, or what I like to call a “’fraidy hole”, because they are pretty expensive and we weren’t exactly sure where we would put it.

Over the weekend, while we were away from the house, a representative with a local storm shelter company stopped by and left us a flyer with a coupon. 

So, we decided it was time for us to take the leap and make the investment.

This particular company, F5 Storm Shelters of Oklahoma, was super quick with their response to our inquiries… they answered the phone on Saturday evening and came Monday to take a look at our space and give us an estimate.  We decided to go ahead and have it installed in our garage, even though it’s barely big enough for our two cars.  That was one negative about our house, the garage is very small.  We wanted a three car garage, but it didn’t work out. 

The shelter installer guys arrived promptly at 7:00 this morning to begin work. 

I thought they wouldn’t be here until 7:30, so unfortunately, the workers got to see me in my fancy, plaid Razorback PJ’s! 

Here’s how the process went…

First, the 5 inch concrete floor in our garage was cut with a special blade that makes a very precise line and doesn’t damage the surrounding foundation.

While the concrete is being cut, the backhoe lifts our ‘fraidy hole off the trailer and sets it in the yard to wait.  We decided to go with the 8 person shelter, which measures 5 feet wide, 7 feet long and 5 ½ feet tall, big enough for the 3 humans and 2 dogs in our little family.

Once the concrete slab is removed, the backhoe comes in to start digging. 

This was kind of a long process since they had to dig through hard, red dirt for more than 5 ½ feet deep and then haul it off who knows where.

Once the hole is deep enough, wide enough and level, the surrounding edge of existing concrete is reinforced with rebar. 

Then, the shelter is slowly and carefully lowered into place.  

By the way, thanks to my super Hubs for taking these fantastic pictures!  Lucky me had to work today.

Finally, new concrete is shoveled around the top to secure the shelter in its new home. 

Now, we wait until the concrete is completely dry and then Rob will drive his car right over the top and we’ll be ready for any twisters that may come our way! 

Even if we never use it, the peace of mind is totally worth the price tag. 

Plus, like the installer man said, you could use it to easily get underneath your vehicle to change the oil!

Next up, we just need to figure out how to get the dogs down there!  Any suggestions on that dilemma would be greatly appreciated…

For more information on our storm shelter click HERE to go directly to F5’s website.

Until next time…
Happy Blogging!