Rob and I worked on and finished our newest craft project last night.  I bet he’s getting tired of me… really, he should blame Pinterest… that’s where I’m getting all these ideas!
Here’s my inspiration for the most recent craft…
…this one is neat, too…
Source: via Susan on Pinterest
Seems simple enough, right?  
My plan was to find an old window frame in my friend’s mother’s barn… Rob, being Rob, decided to tackle the frame project himself… more on that in a minute.
Here’s what you’ll need to complete this project (besides the frame)…
The Screw Eyes were purchased at Wal-Mart for 97 cents for a package of 14.  We used 8.
The clips in the middle are actually curtain clips.  I didn’t use the ring part.  I purchased these at Lowe’s.  They were on clearance at $3.48 per package… I bought the final 3.
The picture wire was also bought at Wal-Mart… $1.67 for 25 feet. 
Here’s Rob trying to decide how to measure and cut picture corners with a hand saw. 
Oops… he messed up, but was able to fix it… 
Say cheese!!! I just love this man!  He’s so goofy!
Next, we measured for the eye hooks… they were easily screwed into the rough cedar wood by hand.  These boards smell so incredible!
Finally, Rob ties the picture wire across the frame from hook to hook… 
By this time… it was nearly 11 pm.  Rob wanted to go to bed and finish up tomorrow, but I batted my eyelashes sweetly… so, he pulled out the level to put in the screws to hang the frame! 
Ta Da… 
here it is on the wall! 
Now, for the clips… I didn’t use the ring that came with them.  That would be too bulky.  I just used the clip part.  I did have to turn the hook part by hand in order for the pictures to hang straight. 
Some still didn’t hang exactly straight, but that’s okay… it adds to the character of the project. 
I printed out these 4 inch square photos at a local camera and print shop for 39 cents a piece. 
In total, this project cost about $32!  
I really love this idea… I’m already thinking of other things, besides pictures, to hang on it!
Our next project may be the cornice boards for our bedroom, but I can’t guarantee that!  You never know what other, better idea I’ll find on Pinterest!  
My poor husband!
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!