…about 15 minutes from our house to this…
The Express Clydesdale Farm.
Located at the end of Garth Brooks Blvd., past Route 66, in Yukon, Oklahoma.
According to the farm’s website, “The Express Clydesdales are housed in a specially reconstructed barn originally built in 1936.  A group of Amish barn specialists came from Indiana to rebuild the barn’s structure.”
This creation is standing right outside the front door to the barn…

It’s made entirely of horse shoes!
When you first walk into the main door, you are welcomed by a nice cashier inside the quaint gift shop.  There is no admission fee to see the horses… although, I think I would have paid to see them.
They are amazing!  And gigantic! 
 Check out the hooves!
These Clydesdales are black and white, which are very rare.  Each horse stands more then eight feet high and weighs over 2,000 pounds!
I really liked this one… she is young and very sweet. 
 The black part of her mane was braided to the side of her right eye…
She didn’t have a nameplate on her stall door, so I didn’t know what to call her. 
This big guy is Rocky!  He was very affectionate and gentle. 
He really liked Rob! 
This big man is Shaq.  He is very appropriately named… he’s enormous! 
He seemed pretty old, too.  He looked like he’d been around the block a couple times.
All the horses were so gentle and enjoyed being petted.  They all seem extremely well taken care of and pampered.  Several had just gotten baths and were laying down in their stalls.
The barn was so nice… it even had an upstairs area called “The Hay Loft”.  There was a child’s birthday party taking place there while we were petting the horses.  You can even get married in this barn… how cool is that?
This is how they travel… The horses tour North America and have been featured in many special events and parades, including the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  They also appear in events to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. 
The Clydesdales even pulled a stagecoach in Canada that carried the royal couple!
For more info on the Express Clydesdales… click HERE.
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