While I’m out of town this weekend for the Little Rock Half Marathon, the boys in my family are going to be working on our latest craft project…
I absolutely love farmhouse tables!!  Rob and Connor are going to build the table and the bench and leave the staining for me when I get home. 
Here’s our current table… the whole dining room suite was my grandfather’s.  
He purchased it back in the 1940’s and I’ve hated the idea of replacing it.  It holds a tremendous amount of sentimental value.  There are two leaves and two more chairs to seat 6.  Most of the chairs are really rickety and we’re kind of afraid to sit in them.  The table has cup rings and various other stains and marks.  We talked about refinishing it, but feel it’s too damaged.  
So… we’re going to build a new one!  I’m going to stain the new one to match the old buffet.  We’re only going to make one bench and keep a couple of the sturdier chairs.  I must keep the captain’s chair, because that was the one my grandfather always sat in. 
I’m trusting Rob to take a lot of pictures while I’m gone… we’ll see how that turns out. 
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!