…but I certainly had fun trying to be!
Last night, a couple soccer mom friends and I redeemed our Groupons to participate in OKC’s Wine and Palette at Mama Roja’s off Lake Heffner Parkway. I love this restaurant! It’s right on the Lake and the view is beautiful! We arrived early to enjoy an appetizer to get our creative juices flowing!
When we first walked in to begin the project, the room was set up like this…
 I’m not sure how many were signed up for this particular class, but the room was packed with women, men and children (boys and girls). According to their website (HERE)… “Wine and Palette seeks out [for] the best professional artistic talent to assist you in creating a unique piece of art.” They have events at different restaurants/venues around the metro area nearly every night of the week, each time with a different artist and a different painting.
Here’s what we were attempting to recreate last night…
The artist walks you through each step in order to replicate the piece.
The whole process was a lot more difficult, nerve-racking and extremely frustrating than I thought it would be, but it also was a whole lot of crazy fun!
Here’s what mine looked like once I furiously blended the background.
It still looked a lot like mustard on a canvas!
Next, we were instructed to add the branch and start on the flowers.
These are supposed to be cherry blossoms… I’m not convinced.
The event is called “Wine and Palette”, but the three of us didn’t have a lick of liquor; you couldn’t tell though… we were having a little too much fun!
Here’s the 3 of us with our final paintings…
And, here’s mine up close…
It didn’t quite turn out like I had hoped, but I’m pretty proud of it!
Wine and Palette posts the next month’s calendar on the 20th… so if you’re interested, head over to their website HERE tomorrow morning. The classes fill up fast!
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!