I’ve been sick, possibly with the flu, so I’ve gotten behind in this photo project… to catch up, here is one new and 2 slightly older pictures I’ve given the “Instagram” treatment.
I’ve wanted these boots for months now… thanks to a nice coupon and our tax return, I was able to order them last Saturday. They arrived Wednesday and I must say I was very disappointed at the craftsmanship. The right boot was absolutely perfect, but the black stitching on the left was so off that the leather was coming up from the leopard inlay part. You can barely see it in the picture. I returned them to the store today and they reordered them for me. Hopefully I’ll have them by next Wednesday and hopefully they’ll both be perfect!
This is me WAY back in the day. That’s my first kitten named Sparkle. I’m not sure how old I am here. I loved that dress! Sparkle was such a great cat…
This is Connor and Oscar. Oscar was my in-law’s bull terrier before their current one Jackson, which I’ll post about tomorrow. Oscar was the very first bull terrier I ever met in person and he certainly sealed the deal for me as far as bull terriers are concerned (there are 2 in my house now!). He passed away a few years ago of a heart attack, he was more than 10 years old! We loved him dearly.
Check back tomorrow for a miracle story about this bull terrier…
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!