106/365 (yesterday’s)
See that orange power cord? Now, see the job site in the upper right corner? Yep, that’s right. The folks building the house behind us thought it was okay to steal our electricity. What they didn’t know was that my vehicle is in the shop (AGAIN) and I just happened to be home waiting on them to plug in. After I took this picture, I flipped the breaker and waited in anticipation for them to freak out… which they did. They even thought it was appropriate to come ring my doorbell. I didn’t answer. Our HOA President called the builder who apologized and ensured he would pay for any overages on our electric bill. Hubs called the cops. These guys won’t be stealing our electricity again anytime soon!
The workers also decided to spray paint and write on our fence. Sure, it’s on the outside and we can’t see it from the yard, but that stain was expensive and took Rob and me several days last summer in the Oklahoma heat to stain our entire fence, front and back. Needless to say, Rob was pretty upset by it.