We have finished another project!   This time for our front porch… I’m not sure exactly what to call it, I’ve been referring to it as a Porch Post.  I previewed the project HERE.  
Here was my inspiration…
It was very inexpensive to make, especially since we had scrap wood on hand.  
The only things we purchased were:
wooden finial ($3.48 at Lowe’s)
hook ($4.77 at Lowe’s)
metal conduit for the flag ($1.65 for 5 feet at Lowe’s)
black chain to hang flag ($6.97 for 10 feet at Lowe’s)
can of black spray paint ($4.97 at Lowe’s)
a pint of black paint ($12.37 at Lowe’s)
It was pretty easy to assemble… if you’d like the actual measurements, just let me know!

Now, its time for the paint!

We spray painted the metal conduit black, then threaded the chain through it to serve as a flag holder.  I wanted something on the heavier side to hold the flag in place during Oklahoma winds.   I can easily unhook the chain to change out the flags.

I ended up putting a S-hook at the top of the chain to keep it from slipping on the hook.

We put our 50+ pound drill bit on the piece at the bottom to keep the post from falling over.  It gets extremely windy here in Oklahoma!  

I’m really pleased with how it turned out! 
Now to find the perfect Razorback flag to replace my faded out one!

Next up on Getting Crafty…

photo source
It won’t be blue, though!!

I hope to complete this project over the weekend!
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!