Rob and I made a floor or Trumeau mirror this weekend.  It was a super easy project and actually, my great friend/neighbor made one for herself, too!
Here was our inspiration…
We picked up this mirror at Lowe’s…
Along with this decorative piece…
and a piece of wood that measured 4′ x 8′ and was 1/2″ thick, which cost $32.95.  We had the store cut it in half long-ways for us.  They did it for free.  We gave one half to our neighbors for their mirror.
First, we arranged the mirror and decorative piece on our half of the board to decide how tall to make it.
We ended up cutting about 17.5 inches off one end, which left us with a complete mirror a little over 6 1/2 feet tall.
Next, we used Mirror Mastic, $4.88, to attach the mirror and decorative piece to the wood.
Then, while I was checking on the progress of my neighbors gorgeous mirror, they offered us their left over moulding pieces.  I took them and I’m very glad I did!
They added just the right finishing touches!
Next up… stain!
First, we borrowed some painters tape to make sure we kept the mirror clean.
We used leftover stain from our farmhouse table.
And then some polyurethane, also leftover from the table, to make it nice and shiny!
then… the storms came.  This is where it sat for the remainder of the evening while it dried.
Here it is today!

In total (without tax), we spent less than $83 for our mirror!  Actually, less than that since we only used half of the expensive piece of wood.  Taking that into consideration, our floor mirror cost us just over $66!  I’d say that’s a good deal!
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!