As many of you know… Moore, Oklahoma was hit by a devastating EF-5 tornado yesterday afternoon.  Moore is about 25 miles southeast of our home.  We are fine, but that OKC suburb needs your prayers and assistance.  
Here’s how you can help…
The Vintage Pearl, which is an amazing jewelry/gift store based in Tulsa, is selling these hand-stamped necklaces to benefit the victims.
Please click HERE to order yours. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross.
The tragedy in Moore has kind of overshadowed the dramatic tornadoes that hit a couple different areas just about 24 hours earlier.

This storm went just north of us through Edmond and hit the town of Carney hard.  A second storm leveled a mobile home park about 45 miles east of here in Shawnee.  It was a really rough couple days of storms.

Last night, my friends/neighbors released several luminaries to remember those killed in yesterday’s storm.  It was a beautiful sight watching those heat filled balloons drift off into the night sky.
We thought the weather was going to get bad again today, but this storm only produced golf ball sized hail and strong winds.
It’s pretty and sunny right now in the Metro, but more severe weather is expected this weekend.  Please keep Oklahoma in your prayers.  It’s going to take a long time to recover from this unbelievable event.  
Until next time…