This is our neighbors’ new pit bull puppy named Nyla. I think that’s her name … I can’t remember exactly. 
(CORRECTION: puppy’s name is Hyna… I knew I’d get it wrong!)
This one is for Throwback Thursday. It’s from my going away party from KARK back in 2005.  We look like such kids! He and I had only been dating about 3 months. 
The other morning, I went with a group from work to help clean up some tornado debris. We worked with a volunteer organization called Field of TEAMS.  They go around after tornadoes and such cleaning farmers fields to help them prepare for planting or harvesting. 
We are having a garage sale this morning and this is what I’m doing while waiting for customers to arrive. As of 6:55am, we’ve only had one person stop by and he paid $1 for a watering can! I’m hopeful things will pick up soon!