We’ve been on vacation… So it’s time to catch up!
Throwback Thursday! How I miss my days of showing calves at the White County Fair! Such fun times!
We traveled to St. Louis for the holiday. We enjoyed a casual ($3,000) backyard fireworks show! This family really enjoys the holiday!
This precious bunny has taken up residence in my in-laws front yard. It doesn’t seem very frightened of people…it was so cute!!
My father-in-law received this cute tree decorating kit last year for his birthday. I took the picture at dusk. I meant to go back and take another during daylight, but I forgot. 🙁


Macy and Jackson! They’re such good pals!
On Sunday, we left St. Louis to head to my hometown to surprise Connor who was visiting my parents! We had the best time. We went to the lake yesterday and did some other fun things. We headed back to OK this morning, stopping here to take a break…
Reed Mountain State Park. Such a beautiful spot for lunch!