I’ve finally decided on the next woodworking project for Hubs (he totally loves me for giving him projects)…
Here’s what our front porch currently looks like:
There’s the flag stand we made several months ago… we’ve gotten tons of use out of that!  My mother bought me that table and chairs set probably 10 years ago.  We never use it… it’s purely for decoration.  Occasionally I put a plant on the table… which usually ends up dying because I can never remember to water it.  
The whole scene is very… well… boring!
I want something on my front porch that I will actually sit on, use and be proud of.  
Something like this…
…maybe painted a dark red with one of these…
…or a couple of these…
…so many decisions!
This bench is an Ana White design.  If you’ve never visited her website, I highly recommend it.  It’s where we’ve gotten all of our furniture project plans.  They’re free and extremely easy to follow!  
Click HERE to go there now.  
I hope to begin this project this weekend.
I’ll try to be better about taking pictures during the process.  
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!
P.S. Anybody need a nice table and chair set?  
(Don’t tell my mother!)