(This is kind of a side project to our big “Getting Crafty…” build of the dog crates/side tables. We’re still working on that one… hope to have an update soon!)
I found this nifty thing on Pinterest several months ago…
…and have been wanting to make it ever since!
I have several jewelry pieces that I wear all the time.  Currently, my watch, earrings, and bracelets are just sitting precariously on top of my jewelry box for easy access. However, easy access usually means falling onto the floor and potentially getting lost (or eaten by a dog).
 I thought this craft project would be a great idea to keep track of all those beloved accessories.  
I already had the perfect frame lying around.  I had purchased a couple different picture frames from an online dealer a couple years ago, but they sent me the wrong order and this silver frame was part of that.  I contacted the vendor and they told me to keep the wrong order and they would ship me the correct frames! How nice!  
(I hope the original recipient eventually received their correct order)
I used a couple of the “wrong” frames for other projects, but had yet to find something for this non-standard sized silver one.  This idea is just the thing I’ve been looking for!
Here’s all you need to create a hanging jewelry display…
The cloverleaf metal was purchased from Lowe’s.  It’s kind of expensive at $26 a sheet and I only used a little bit of it.  I have enough left over to make some gifts if I want.  
I also purchased the S-hooks (purple bag sitting inside the frame) at Lowe’s for just over $1 for 5.  Those will be used to hang necklaces.  
Here’s how to make it…
First, you’ll need to remove the cardboard backing and glass from the picture frame (above).  It was easy with this particular frame, because of the little black bendy things (I’m not sure what they’re called).  
Here’s the frame with the cardboard and glass removed.
Next, use the glass as a guide to figure out what size to cut the metal piece. 
Be sure and wear heavy gloves, this metal is SHARP!  I used tin snips to cut the metal.  
Once that’s done, just insert the metal into the frame and press down the black bendy things.
And… VOILA!  
Now, it’s ready for the S-hooks and all your lovely jewelry!  
(I’m sure it will look better without the plastic on it!)
It’s not hung on the wall, yet.  I’m still trying to decide where to put it.
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!