Today was so incredibly busy and I took so many pictures, I couldn’t choose just one for the day.  So… here’s 3!
First, breakfast at Ingrid’s Kitchen in Oklahoma City.  This restaurant is so good!  It is becoming a tradition for the Hubs and me to fill up on their delicious breakfast foods and pastries, then go do this…
This is the second time we’ve gone on a Saturday to give blood here.   Apparently, my blood type is very rare (AB+).  The folks at the donor center keep asking me to come back and give platelets.  I’d like to, but I’ve heard it takes about 2 hours.  I’d have to plan a whole day around that.
After giving blood, the Kid and I went here…
Ada, Oklahoma… an hour and a half away… for soccer in the rain!  This is Connor at half-time trying to warm up by running laps.  It rained the entire first half.  Thankfully, it stopped during half-time, but it remained windy and cold!  It’s a surprise we didn’t have any sick kiddos afterwards.  They ended up tying the game 4-4.
When we got home, it was time for Razorback football!  We lost to Texas A&M, but it was a fun game to watch!
See, told you it was a busy Saturday!
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!