My friend/neighbor and I had the most fun the other night attempting to replicate a super cute project by the Shanty 2 Chic girls.  They come up with the coolest, easiest, inexpensive ideas!  
This is what were trying to create…
Click HERE to get the complete instructions.
Here’s how we did it…
I purchased the 1x16x72 inch board at Lowe’s for roughly $15.  Hubs cut it in two 33-inch pieces to make two frames.  
 Next, J (friend/neighbor) and I spray painted the letters black.  The original was actually spray painted with chalkboard paint, but we didn’t have that, so we used a regular, kind of matte black. Gorgeous!
Did you know that spray paint can eat away styrofoam?  I didn’t!
Next, we stained the boards.  We used Cabot stain in the color Merlot.  
While that dried, we went to the kitchen table to make the burlap rosettes.  I purchased this checkered burlap wired ribbon at Hobby Lobby.  It was on sale for $3.50 for 18 feet.  These were hard to make at first.  Here’s my first attempt…
J tried next and her’s turned out fantastic!  Apparently, the secret is taking out the wire along the edges of the ribbon!
So I used her method on the last two.
Next, we assembled everything.  We adhered the letter and rosettes with Liquid Nail.  The instructions said to use Gorilla Glue, but we didn’t have any of that!  The Liquid Nail worked just fine!  
J’s husband put a nail in for the picture frame and here’s the final product!
Still haven’t decided where to put it yet… we really need an updated family photo!
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!