Today, J (friend/neighbor), her daughter E and I had a girls morning of Geocaching and shopping at the local Basket Warehouse.  If you don’t know what Geocaching is… click HERE to see one of my previous posts on the subject.
The picture above is called “Bison Bug Eater #1”.  This was one of the most creative caches I’ve ever seen.  That’s the log in his mouth! The group that hid this one apparently has a series around the area… either Bug Eaters or just plain Bugs.  It took us a while to spot it, but when we did, we all squealed like little school girls!  It was so perfect! 
This one is called “Whatacache #4”.  This one was super difficult to find and we were about to leave when it caught my eye! It’s a metal outlet cover with magnets to make it stick between the gutter and the wall.  It was only big enough for a log.  It was such a cool find!
Here’s E with “The Dino Kache”… the hint that was offered on our Geocaching app states “rotten log/couch, west of big tree”.  There was definitely a nasty old couch and right next to it, a rotten log.  Underneath the log was the cache!  It was coated in some sort of substance that made the container look like a cement block.  It completely blended in with the surroundings!
In all, we found 8 caches this morning!  It was so much fun!
Until next time…
Happy Blogging!